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Prof. B. Zoliana

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We, at Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College, are committed to our motto “Lighted to Lighten”. It gives me great happiness to announce that Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College is now equipped with its own website. I do hope it provides both the faculty and the students of this College with a platform for exchange of ideas and information . It is also intended to benefit all others who visit it to learn more about our College, in whatever capacity it may be, I also, take the opportunity to thank the University Grants Commission (UGC) for making this achievement possible. Happy browsing !

Prof. B. Zoliana
Principal, GZRSC

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Government Zirtiri Residential Science College Response to COVID in PDF format is given below:

Report on GZRSC Response to COVID-19 can be download here.


Theme                        :           ‘Women in Science’

Date                            :           28th February, 2020

Time                            :           1.00pm - 3.30pm

Place                            :           Auditorium, Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College.

No. of Participants      :          25 faculty and 220 Students. (All 6th Semester and all H. Sc. Students)

The programme of the celebration of National Science day:

            The Principal Prof. B. Zoliana gave a keynote address and he stressed about the life of Sir C.V. Raman who discovered Raman effect, in whose memory the National Science day was celebrated each year to mark the discovery of Raman Effect. He explained the principle and implications of Raman effect in a simple languages so that all the audience could understand the uses of this important discovery.

There were two resource persons:

1. Dr. Fanai Lalsangluaii, Assistant Professor, HOD, Dept. of Biochemistry, GZRSC:

            She talked about the meaning of theme, “Women in Science” how theme defined the position of women in general society and the position of Women in Science. The various difficulties that has been faced by women who pursued academic excellence, who also had to shoulder many responsibilities in their own family. The resource person highlighted various women scientists who had successfully carried out many researches and who had been pioneers in various fields of science despite many challenges and issues against women in national level.

2. Dr. Lalchhandami Tochhawng, Scientific Officer, Department of Science and technology, Govt. of Mizoram:

            The resource person highlighted the numbers/trends of women scientists in Mizoram who had acquired Ph.D in various fields of science in the history of Mizoram till date. She also gave brief history on the life of successful scientists from all over the world, highlighting the many difficulties and obstacles they have overcome. She tried to motivate the audience to pursue scientific research by showing how the central government is giving various grants to help women scientists.

The committee thanks all the organizing committee members and different sub committees for their active involvement and collaboration for the success of the celebration of National Science Day. The committee also thanks MISTIC for sponsoring this celebration.



Submission of Annual Report on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplaces

sexual harassment

‘Mother Tongue day’ was celebrated on 21.2.2020 at the college auditorium. The Celebration was organized by the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Club under the aegis of RUSA. The function was chaired by Lalnunthara, Associate Professor and member of the Club. The Evangelical Union choir was invited to present the opening song followed by a speech by Dr.R.Lalengmawia, Institutional Co-ordinator RUSA who spoke on the aims and objectives of the newly formed EBSB club. Lalramhnaii and Dodie Zoliansanga, both of whom are students of the college presented a special number each. Mr Laltanpuia, SPD RUSA was invited as a special guest and he delivered a very informative speech to the students and teachers who had gathered to celebrate Mother Tongue Day.He also spoke on the initiative taken to pair colleges of Mizoram, Tripura and Bihar to promote cross- cultural learning. As the name suggests, the entire function was conducted in Mizo, the local language. A short Mizo film was also screened. The Second Semester Home Science student also enacted scenes from Lali,a short story written by Biakliana, the first Mizo Novelist. Students were also introduced to some common Bhojpuri words which is one of the languages spoken in Bihar to facilitate bonding between students of both states. Literature written in the Mother Tongue was also displayed for the participants.

Report on International Workshop on Tectonic and its implications with special reference to Indo-Burma range

The first International level workshop for Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College was organized by Research and Seminar committee and the department of Geology, GZRSC. There were 12 Organizing members, 6 resource persons and 64 participants in the workshop.


Goals & Objectives

The principle goal is to cater to the need for higher learning in the college level in various fields of science education in Mizoram. It is envisaged that the knowledge and skills gained from the institution, with the degree obtained, would facilitate students for future employment opportunities. The main objectives of the college are:

  1. To be at par with esteemed colleges outside the state in terms of teaching-learning process and, also in terms of research output.
  2. To continuously strive to provide a platform for more choices and opportunities, particularly for students who cannot afford to pursue higher studies elsewhere.

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