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The institute has been established by the Government to be the first science college under the Motto ‘Lighted to Lighten” .The distinctiveness of the college lies in the fact that it is the only college in the state to offer Home Science as a stream. The mission of the college is to cater to the need for undergraduate –level science education in Mizoram. The college has endeavoured to execute and disseminate quality education in various fields of science and technology. As the motto suggests, the principal goal of the institution is to impart knowledge and skills and facilitate students to disseminate their knowledge to the society. The main objectives of the college are :

a) To be at par with esteemed colleges outside the state in terms of teaching-learning process and also in terms of research output.

b) To continuously strive to provide a platform for more choices and opportunities, particularly for students who cannot afford to pursue higher studies elsewhere.

It is the priority of the college to meet the needs and demands of the students of the students of Mizoram which, in spite of high literacy percentage still lags behind in the field of science and technology.

Progression of students is the priority of the institute and several steps have been adopted to thrust the institute forward in its primary goal. Student Support programmes such as certificate and cash incentive, career counseling, Personality development, mentoring system, coaching for entry into services, Remedial classes and Students’ feedback system have been systematically introduced, developed and institutionalized.

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