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                   In pursuance of the Innovation club, Mizoram University letter, Innovation Club Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College was formed on September 2015. The following faculties are appointed for Innovation Club, GZRSC:

Chairman : Lalhruaitluanga
Secretary : C. Lalngaihawma
(1) K. Zosangpuii
(2) Zonunthari
(3) Parijat Kumar
(4) Lalthanpuii Ralte
(5) Vanlallawmi
(6) C. Lalremruatfela

The club had its first meeting on the 16th Sept 2015. The meeting decided that an Executive committee comprising of students from different streams need to be formed. So the executive committee comprises of 16 members i.e. 12 students from Science, Home Science and Computer Science and 4 faculties.


To groom students into well rounded personalities by the time they leave college so that they evolve into both respectable professionals and responsible individuals, who ultimately become the true wealth of the nation.


  1. Explore innovative ideas in the students
  2. Organise seminar, conference, workshop, exhibitions relating to innovations.
  3. Develop innovative mindsets and train for entrepreneurship.
  4. Provide opportunities and platform for students, teachers and other members of the society.
  5. Support and facilitate grassroots innovations.
  6. Document innovations for different walks of life.
  7. Collaborate with micro, small and medium enterprises.

The following are probable programmes that the Innovation Club has in mind:

  1. Seminar
  2. Exhibition
  3. Workshop
  4. Meet our Ex-es
  5. TNT Visit
  6. College new campus study and data collection

                     On 22nd – 23rd Feb 2016, Mr. Lalhruaitluanga, the Chairman accompanied 11 students to participate in the ‘Celebration of Creativity & Innovation’ at the Mizoram University Campus. Here, eminent Professors from IIM Kolkata, Tata Trust, Impulse, Local Innovators, etc. presented a valuable speech.

                           ‘Meet our Ex-es’ program was organised on 26th Feb 2016 at the College auditorium. In this event, our ex student Mr. Krista Roluahpuia (2006-2009) currently Research Scholar in IIT Bombay was invited to give a motivational talk in present research topic, experience as a student, ideas and philosophy about education, research and development.

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