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All students of  our college are expected to have Username and Password for our college website so that they can login to our college website and access many useful features which are not meant to be visible for the public users. Therefore, those student who is not having login credentials for our college website  may contact  H. Thangkhanhau, Dept. of Computer Science personally or may sent request to email haulai@gmail.com stating all the students details including University Rollno.

All passed outs / alumni may use Alumni Registration for login credentials to our college website or send request to the same email provided above mentioning all their details.


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Last Update
This website was last updated on November 1, 2015 Sunday 9:30 AM by H. Thangkhanhau

Principal's Message

LaltanpuiaWe, at Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College, are committed to our motto “Lighted to Lighten”. It gives me great happiness to announce that Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College is now equipped with its own website. I do hope it provides both the faculty and the students of this College with a platform for exchange of ideas and information . It is also intended to benefit all others who visit it to learn more about our College, in whatever capacity it may be, I also, take the opportunity to thank the University Grants Commission (UGC) for making this achievement possible.

Happy browsing !


Principal, GZRSC

Contact Person
Pu Laltanpuia
Principal, GZRSC

Postal Address
Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College
Ramthar Veng, Aizawl: Mizoram -796007
Phone: 0389-2305848 (Office)
Fax: 0389-2306252

Online Address
Website: www.gzrsc.edu.in
Email : contact@gzrsc.edu.in

College Statistics
       [as on 04.08.2015]

1) BSc
           I Sem BSc   : 188
           III Sem BSc : 143
           V Sem BSc  : 88
               Total BSc : 419

2) BHSc
         I Sem BHSc   : 29
         III Sem BHSc : 44
         V Sem BHSc  : 25
             Total BHSc : 98

3) BCA
         I Sem BCA   : 55
         III Sem BCA : 23
         V Sem BCA  : 35
             Total BCA : 113

4) Total No. of Male      : 356

5) Total No. of Female : 274

6) Total Students : 630


Admission Policy Admission Policy

Admissions is usually conducated on the month of May every year through entrance tests such as written exam or interview or both...Read more...

Rules and Regulations Rules & Regulations

General Rules and Regulations for all the students can be read from the given link. All student must understand to avoid different types of punishment. Read more...

Library Rules

Library Rules

The followings are important Library Rules to be followed by all the students, teaching faculties as well as non-teaching staff related to Library. Read more...