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Laltanpuia, Principal

Principal's Message

We, at Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College, are committed to our motto “Lighted to Lighten”. It gives me great happiness to announce that Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College is now equipped with its own website. I do hope it provides both the faculty and the students of this College with a platform for exchange of ideas and information . It is also intended to benefit all others who visit it to learn more about our College, in whatever capacity it may be, I also, take the opportunity to thank the University Grants Commission (UGC) for making this achievement possible. Happy browsing !
Principal, GZRSC


The following is the list of selected candidates in various streams for the academic session 2017-18.

All selected candidates are informed to complete admission formalities by remitting the prescribed fees in the college during office hours on or before 14.06.2017 failing which they will forfeit their seats.

A separate panel of waiting list is displayed in the college notice boards.

1. Dennis Zaithanpuia s/o F. Lalpianpuia
2. Eric Lalremruata s/o Vanlalauva
3. J.H. Zomuanpuia s/o J.H. Zodinsanga
4. T. Salemtharengmawia s/o T. Chuailova
5. C. Lalrinchhana s/o C. Lalsangliana
6. Lalliankima s/o Lalpanliana
7. Lalroluahpuia s/o H.B. Lalchhuanawma
8. T. Zothankhuma s/o T. Zoliana
9. Lalhruaitluanga s/o Vanlalmawia
10. R. Vanlalawmpuia s/o Lalhmingsanga
11. K. Zodinsanga s/o K. Lallawmkima
12. P.C. Lalhmangaihzuali d/o P.C. Vanlalsanga
13. R. Lalrammawii d/o Malsawmtluanga
14. T.C. Lalfakpuia s/o T.C. Laltanthanga
15. K. Vanlalhruaizela s/o K. Vanlalchhuanga
16. Micky Lallianzuala s/o T. Lalawmpuia
17. Hc Beihropha Thatilai s/o Hc Beikhai
18. V.L. Malsawmzuala s/o K. Lalrengpuia
19. C. Lalrammawii d/o C. Lalzauva
20. Lalengzuala Chhangte s/o C. Lallunghnema
21. Rualsangliana s/o Ngunhrama
22. Lalthangkima s/o Lh Roawma
23. Moni Bikash Chakma s/o Suresh Kumar Chakma
24. J. Vanlalremruata s/o Laldarha (L)
25. J. Lalhlimpuia s/o Robert Lalfakzuala
26. F. Lalawmpuia s/o F. Laldingliana
27. Lalthlamuanpuia s/o H. Lalnunmawia
28. David Lalramchhana s/o P.C. Chalkhuma
29. Lydia Ngurthanmawii d/o R. Lalhruaitluanga
30. K. Vanlalvena s/o K. Lalroseia
31. Vanlalthakima s/o Lalthanmawia
32. Lalrinfela Ralte s/o Chalhlira Ralte
33. Ricky Laltlankima s/o R. Vanlalchhunga
34. Lalremsanga s/o Laldawngliana
35. Benjamin Lalthazela s/o R.C. Nuzawni
36. R. Lalrammawia s/o R. Lalhmingthanga
37. Isac Lalchhanchhuaha s/o L. Zahmuna
38. Benjamin Lalrinfela Pachuau s/o P.C. Khuma
39. Lalruatkima s/o P.C. Lalbiakengi
40. Zodinpuia s/o Lalruatkima
41. Lalromawia s/o Horidas
42. R. Malsawmtluanga s/o R. Zairemthanga
43. Vanlaltanpuia s/o C. Lalmuanpuii
44. Robert Lalremruata s/o Lalliana
45. Albert Lallawmsanga s/o R. Lalmuanchhana
46. M.S. Dawngliana s/o P. Lalsangzuala
47. Lalhmangaihsanga s/o Zarzokima
48. Hmarrambuatsaiha s/o Lalrinliana
49. A Beibielai s/o K Laichhua Azyu
50. Lalawmpuii d/o Ramdinthara (L)
51. C. Lallungmuana s/o Thanglianchhunga
52. Lalnunsanga s/o R. Malsawma
53. Lallawmpuia s/o P.C. Vanmawia
54. Lalthankima s/o Romanliana
55. K. Laive s/o K. Hietlai
56. Lalnunzama s/o Zothlamuana
57. Hmangaih Johana s/o Lalrinzuali
58. Lalremruata s/o Lalhmingzauva
59. Lalchhuanmawia s/o Ramengmawia
60. Hmingthansanga s/o Lallawmzuala
61. H. Lalrinngheta s/o David H. Lalnunsanga
62. Vikash Kumar Roy s/o Arvind Kumar Roy
63. Gabriel Lalfakzela s/o Germana Ralte
64. Paul L. Ralsun s/o Darliensang Ralsun
65. Minika Dey d/o Manju Dey
66. Lalrempuia s/o Laldinliana Kawlni
67. Lalrinzuala s/o Liandawla
68. C. Lalthanzuala s/o C. Lalhmangaiha
69. Vanlalchami d/o Rangkhuma
70. Lalchhanhima s/o Lalchhuanliana
71. Lucy V.L. Malsawmkimi d/o H. Roneihsanga
72. C. Lalawmpuia s/o C. Vanlalvenrenga
73. Jeho Lalawmpuia s/o C. Siamkima
74. R. Lalremthangi d/o R. Lalbiakmawia
75. Landry Malsawmtluanga s/o J. Zosanglura
76. Lalzuithanga s/o Sangchhuankhuma
77. Rosangkima s/o Zoremmawia
78. Gideon Zoramthara s/o H. Lalduhawna
79. Zothansangi Vuite d/o Lalsanglura Vuite
80. Immanuel Lalrampanmawia s/o H. Lianzuala
81. Remsangzuala s/o Ronny Zawlthanpuia
82. Lalremruata s/o Lalrinkima
83. Suresh Karki s/o Bhal Bahadur Karki
84. Nancy Lalvenpuii d/o B. Vanlalhlunmawia
85. J.H. Lalremruata s/o J.H. Lalzarliana
86. Rita Kumari d/o Kish Nandan Rai
87. C. Lalramtharnghaki d/o C. Vanlalvena
88. Vanlalsawma s/o Zalenthanga
89. Kenny Lalremsiama s/o Biakhmingthanga
90. P.T. Zorindika s/o P.T. Vanlalruata
91. Jeremy Lalruatfela s/o Jk Lalhnehchunga
92. Lalmuanpuii d/o Saihranga
93. B. Lallianmawia s/o B. Zuamsanga
94. Nicky Laldinmawia s/o Tommy Seithantluanga


1. Laltlanhlui d/o Vanlalhmuaka
2. C. Chawngdingliana s/o Lalrempuia (L)
3. Mesak H. Ramliansanga s/o H. Lalhmingmuana (L)
4. Zosangpuia s/o Zonunmawii
5. Cindy Lalchhanchhuahi d/o Dawngthakima
6. Vanlalduhzuali d/o Lalrinawma
7. Lalkrosmawii d/o Lalfakmawia
8. Lalngaihawmi d/o R. Vanlalhmangaihi
9. Lalruatpuia s/o Lalramliana
10. Lallawmzuala s/o Lalthlamuana
11. Vanlalvenhima s/o Lalrawngbawla
12. Jeremy Malsawmtluanga s/o K. Lalrosangi
13. Lalkrosmawia s/o Lalrempuii
14. Rohit Chhetri s/o Sarita Chhetri
15. Elizabeth Lalremsangi Chhungte d/o Hc Lalamena
16. Vabeirakawpatha Chozah s/o C. Laidei
17. R. Vanlalruati d/o R. Lalchangliana
18. J.C. Lalthafamkima s/o J.C. Lalremsanga
19. Jenny Zomuansangi d/o Rengthuama
20. Zorammawipuii d/o Herliana Hrahsel
21. Lalhriatpuia Sailo s/o Lalhriatpuia Sailo
22. Lalrintluanga s/o Lalkhawthanga
23. R. Lalrinpuia s/o R. Biakthansanga
24. Lalthanliana s/o Lalchuailova
25. Baby Bina Margaret d/o Chandan Hasda
26. Veronica K. Lalnunsawmi d/o Lalchhuangkima
27. K. Doris Ngokhipithie d/o K. Kungtea
28. Hmingthantluangi d/o T. Lalramzauva
29. Daisy Malsawmsangi d/o Zosangliana
30. C. Lalrinsangi d/o C. Lalsangliana
31. Melody Lalremmawii d/o H.T. Vanlalengmawia
32. Rebek Lalnuntluangi d/o Malsawmdawngliana
33. Vanlalmalsawmi d/o Lalnghinglova
34. Baby Chanchinmawii d/o Ramfangzauva
35. Lalrammuanpuia s/o Lalramchuani
36. Biakthanzama s/o Eneth Zothansangi
37. Henry Lalrawngbawla s/o Vanlalvuana
38. Liantinthanga s/o Sangthangvunga
39. Benzim Lalthabera s/o K. Lalawmpuia
40. Lalremruata s/o H.C. Zoliana
41. Judy Remruatpuii d/o M.S. Lalrinnunga
42. Lalrintluangi d/o Lalrinzuala
43. Rustana Begum s/o Hafiz Uddin
44. John Lalrinmawia s/o Lalrinzuala
45. Lalremruata Kullai s/o K. Siamzathanga
46. C. Lalremsanga s/o Vanlalruala
47. Lalnunhlui Jahau s/o Lalbiaksangi
48. Lalhmachhuani d/o Lalneihchhunga
49. Lalthafamkima s/o H. Lalengmawia
50. Lalvenpuii d/o R. Biakremmawia (L)
51. Lalruatfeli d/o Lalfakzela
52. Lalnunsanga s/o P.C. Lalsiamtluanga
53. R. Lallawmzuali d/o R. Lalchawia
54. Nixon Lalchunglura s/o Lalzidinga
55. Lalbeiseii Sailo d/o David Lalfakzuala Sailo
56. Janet Lalrinhlui d/o P.L. Sawilaia
57. Lalramnghaki d/o Neihtluna
58. Hmangaihlalruati d/o Khupthanga
59. Francis Lalramdinngheta s/o Lalthakima
60. David Lalmuanpuia s/o Zorambela
61. Rebek Malsawmthangi d/o R. Lalramnghaka
62. Lalremsangi d/o Remlalmuana
63. Zodinmawii d/o Tlangkhuma Zote
64. John Lamthangliana s/o Lalhmingthari
65. Henry Lalhruaitluanga s/o Vanlalruata
66. Angela Lalremsiami d/o T. Vanlalhruaia
67. Lalhruaitluangi d/o Rokhuma
68. Malsawmdawngzela s/o Billy Lallianzuala
69. Lalrinawma s/o Lalthanpuia Ralte
70. H.C. Lalthafamkima s/o H.C. Lalrinzuala (L)
71. Stephen Lalthankhuma s/o Vanlalmawia
72. Philip Lalchhanhima s/o T.C. Ngunrosanga
73. Dimel Lalngaihzuali d/o C. Lalrizami
74. Lalengmawii d/o Darneihkhuaia
75. Lallawmkimi d/o Lianthanglura
76. Lalhmangzela s/o Rodawla
77. Lalhriatpuii d/o Lalengliana
78. Zorinfeli d/o C. Zosangliani
79. Israel Lalchunglura s/o H.C. Hranghnuni
80. Remruatfela s/o Lalthawkliana
81. R. Lalrempuii d/o R. Lalrosiama
82. Lalhriatpuia s/o Vanrammawia
83. V.L. Huntharmawii d/o Lalfakawma
84. Miriam Lalnunpuii d/o C. Lalramhluna
85. Lalrindiki Ralte d/o Daniel Ralte
86. Malsawmdawngkimi d/o Lalthandinga
87. Vanlalrema s/o Lalruatkima
88. Lalhmangaihzuala s/o Zalawmthanga
89. Ricky Lalrinfela s/o Lalmawizuali
90. Lalchhanhima Ralte s/o Vanlalsiami
91. Fredy Lalruatfela Hrahsel s/o Lalhminghlui Hmar
92. M. Lalrinsangi d/o M. Lalhuta
93. Elizabeth Malsawmdawngkimi d/o Lalvulluaia Ralte
94. Michael Lalthakima s/o C. Lalmawizuala (L)
95. Thangrodinga s/o Mungngaihliana
96. Vanlalremsanga s/o Sangthanglawra
97. Hmingsangzuala s/o P.C. Lalchhuankimi
98. C.C. Remruatpuii d/o C. Chawnghmingthanga
99. Vanlalthanmawia s/o Vanlalrawna
100. Lalruatkima s/o Laltanpuii
101. Esther Laldinpuii d/o Zairemmawia
102. Zosangkima s/o Lalmalsawma
103. Jerry Lalduhzuala s/o Ramchhanzela
104. Lalruatfeli d/o Lalhuapzauva
105. Catherine Lallawmawmi d/o J. Lalngaihawma
106. J. Lalhmingliani d/o Lalrinliana
107. Linda Rochanhlui d/o P. Lalrivunga
108. Lalrinzuala Ralte s/o Lalchhanhima Ralte
109. Noeli d/o Thangpianga
110. Lalrinliana Sailo s/o Sairengpuia Sailo
111. Lalthazuala s/o Lalnunzira
112. Vanlalchhandama s/o Vanlalmawia
113. Vanlalhruaii d/o David Lalthansanga
114. C. Malsawmtluanga s/o C. Lalramzauva
115. Maria Lalthanzami d/o Lalhmingthanga
116. Ngursangzuali d/o Lalhmachhuana (L)
117. Zothanpuii d/o Rotluanga
118. Pc. Lalthansangi d/o P.C. Lalnuntluanga
119. K. Lalhmingsangi d/o K. Ramengmawia
120. Lalhlimpuii Vaiphei d/o Lalramnghinglova
121. Dodie Zoliansanga s/o David Zoramsanga
122. Imanuel Lalhnehzova s/o C. Laltlanliana
123. Josephine Lalbiaknungi d/o Ng. Hrangkunga
124. Samuel Lalruatpuia s/o Hmingthansangi
125. Lalruatdiki d/o Lalrinpuia
126. K. Vanlalrindiki d/o K. Laldingliana
127. Lalpekhlui d/o Lalnunringa
128. Rupam Chakma s/o Debendra Chakma
129. Vanhmingliana s/o Lalbiakmuana
130. Vanlaldampuia s/o P.C. Liantluanga
131. C. Zorinpuia s/o C. Vanlalzawna
132. Lalhimpuia s/o Lalthanliana
133. Bisnu Gurung s/o Ser Bahadur
134. Lalthanpuii d/o Romawia Ralte
135. Esther Lalrindiki d/o Laldingliani Parte
136. K.T. Ningsawmkim d/o K.T. Luanlamthang
137. Sonu Mishra d/o B. Mishra
138. Zorinsanga s/o Lalchhandama
139. C. Lalrinpuia s/o C. Zolianhranga
140. J. Rochamliana s/o J. Sangthangpuia
141. Nancy Lallunghnemi Ralte d/o R. Chalthianga
142. K. Chatuanrammawia s/o K. Biakzuala
143. Chanchinmawia s/o Fakzuala
144. Lalthlanawma s/o James Lalrintluanga
145. Lalnunhlimi d/o Lalparmawii
146. Lalremruata s/o Lalremchhungi
147. Vanlalruati d/o Zonunpari
148. Jenny Lalhriatzuali d/o H. Vanlalkulha
149. Mesak Vanlalvena s/o Malsawmhlui


1. Pati Maya D/o Maila
2. Sarah Zothanpuii D/o C. Lalthanzama
3. Lalringzeli Renthlei D/o R. Lalsangzuala
4. F. Lalchawithangi D/o F. Lalhmuchhuaka
5. Esther Lalkhawngaihi D/o F. Lalfakawma
6. Mc Lalthangpuii D/o Mc Joela
7. Lalrempuii D/o Ramrinliana
8. Malsawmzuali D/o Zohmingliana Zote
9. Lalmuanawmi D/o L.K. Dala
10. Lalpanzeli D/o Lalthafela
11. Elizabeth Lalawmpuii D/o C. Lalchhanzova
12. Ramnunsangi D/o Laltanpuia
13. Lalhmangaihzuali D/o Lalhmingthanga (L)


1. David Lalhruaitluanga s/o Lalramchhana
2. Lalrinawma s/o Lalnuntluanga
3. Lalramthlanpuii d/o M.S Zoliana
4. C. Malsawmtluangi d/o Lalhmunliana
5. Lalmuanawma s/o Laldinthara
6. Simon Vakhuma Tlau s/o T. Lalremruata
7. M. Lalbiakmuani d/o M. Rachu
8. Lalmalsawma s/o Lalhmachhuana
9. C. Lalrinfeli d/o C. Lalchhuanawma
10. C. Hmangaihropuia s/o C. Lalruatfela (L)
11. Laldingliana s/o R.L Zoliana
12. Laltlanhlua s/o Vanlalawma
13. Th. Kamgunlet Khongsai s/o Thangpao Khongsai
14. Steven Vanlalvenhima s/o Kawldingluaia
15. Lalrawngbawla s/o Lalnunliana
16. Joseph Lalvensanga Hnialum s/o Andrew Lalhriatpuia Hnialum
17. Vanlalfelpuia Sailo s/o Saihmingthanga Sailo
18. T. Lalruatfela s/o David T Lalthanpuia
19. Lalremruata s/o T. Challianmawia
20. B. Lalnunpuia s/o B. Rothlamuana
21. Jacob Lalthanghnuna s/o Vanlalhruaii
22. Liandingpuia s/o Lalchhanhima
23. R. Laldinthara s/o R. Lalremliana
24. Lalremruata s/o Lalzuitluanga
25. Jh Vabeikypacharona
26. Angela Zomuansangi d/o C. Lalthlengliana
27. Lalrinhlui d/o P.C Vanlalmuana
28. Felisian Hmunhring s/o Rev. Lalhmudika
29. Clement Lalthlangfela s/o Grace Zampuii
30. Vanlalduata s/o J. Liankima
31. David Pc Laldinpuia s/o Pc Lalbiaktluanga
32. Caleb Zothansanga s/o Zonuntluanga
33. K. Nunzauva s/o S.B Tinkhannanga
34. Vanlalrohlua s/o Tbc Rothuama
35. Vanlalfakzuala s/o Lalhmunsangi
36. Lalmuanawma Chawngthu s/o C. Lalthlengliana
37. Pc Lalhriatpuii d/o Pc Lalthazuala
38. K. Zosangzuala s/o K. Vanlalsiama
39. Samuel Malsawmsanga s/o S. Lalrintluanga
40. Lalsangzuala s/o Lalniliana
41. Samuel Lalrindika s/o Lalnunhlima
42. Lalchhanmawia s/o Zatluanga


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