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Geology Syllabus

Course CodeName of SubjectsType

First Semester

Geol-I General and Structure Geology Theory
Geol-IP General and Structure Geology Practical

Second Semester

Geol-II Crystallography and Mineralogy Theory
Geol-IIP Crystallography and Mineralogy Practical

Third Semester

Geol-III Petrology and Economic Geology Theory
Geol-IIIP Petrology and Economic Geology Practical

Fourth Semester

Goel-IV Paleontology & Stratigraphy - I Theory
Goel-IVP Paleontology & Stratigraphy - I Practical

Fifth Semester

Geol-V Physics and Dynamics of the Earth Theory
Geol-VP Physics and Dynamics of the Earth Practical
Geol-VI Earth Surface Process Theory
Geol-VIP Earth Surface Process Practical
Geol-VII Petrology Theory
Geol-VIIP Petrology Practical
Geol-VIII Hydrology & Oceanography OR Geology of NE India Theory
Geol-VIIIP Hydrology & Oceanography OR Geology of NE India Practical

Sixth Semester

Geol-IX Paleontology & Stratigraphy - II Theory
Geol-IXP Paleontology & Stratigraphy - II Practical
Geol-X Geochemistry & Exploration Geology Theory
Geol-XP Geochemistry & Exploration Geology Practical
Geol-XI Applied & Engineering Geology Theory
Geol-XIP Applied & Engineering Geology Practical
Geol-XII Environmental Geology OR Economic Geology Theory
Geol-XIIP Environmental Geology OR Economic Geology Practical


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