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Chemistry Syllabus

Course CodeName of SubjectsType

First Semester

CHEM-111 Paper - I (Organic Chemistry - I) Theory & Practical

Second Semester

CHEM-121 Paper - II (Inorganic Chemistry - I) Theory & Practical

Third Semester

CHEM-231 Paper - III (Physical Chemistry - I) Theory & Practical

Fourth Semester

CHEM-241 Paper - IV (Analytical Chemistry - I) Theory & Practical

Fifth Semester

CHEM-351 Paper - V (Organic Chemistry - II) Theory & Practical
CHEM-352 Paper - VI (Inorganic Chemistry - II) Theory & Practical
CHEM-353 Paper - VII (Physical Chemistry - II) Theory & Practical
MCH-354 Paper - VIII (Analytical Chemistry OR Industrial Chemistry) Theory

Sixth Semester

CHEM-361 Paper - IX (Organic Chemistry - III) Theory & Practical
CHEM-562 Paper - X (Inorganic Chemistry - III) Theory & Practical
CHEM-363 Paper - XI (Physical Chemistry - III) Theory & Practical
CHEM-364 Paper - XII (Chemistry of Natural Products OR Material Chemistry) Theory


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